An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure!
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What Is Secucare?

     Secucare is the most innovative and effective approach to combating the catastrophic levels of abuse and neglect currently found within the long term care services industries nationwide.

     In daycares, nursing homes, group homes, hospitals and even in a person's own home, those dependent upon paid or unpaid caregivers, suffer horrendous
acts of abuse and neglect at the very hands of those who are supposed to be, protecting, caring for, and looking after their best interest.

     Secucare truly understands what is meant by the saying, 'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'.

     The Secucare service is a shield of prevention, designed to protect and ensure that the care and dignity of life, of our most vulnerable citizens and loved ones, are not infringed upon.

     Unlike the
reactive approach of other agencies, which only respond
after your loved one has suffered a horrific incident of abuse or neglect, Secucare is unique in that we are proactive in the fight against abuse and neglect and work to keep it from ever happening at all! 

     The National Center on Elder Abuse has recorded a steady rise in reports of neglect and abuse. In 1986 there were 117,000 incidents reported, and in 1996 that number rose to 293,000 reports. As of 2010 The National Center on Elder Abuse, Bureau of Justice Statistics recorded over 5,961,568 reports of elder abuse and neglect!
     Unknown to most, this epidemic of abuse and neglect is raging unchecked and out of control, and as the Baby boomer generation begin to reach what used to be retirement age, this problem will grow exponentially worse.

     The AARP has told us that as of 2011 there are 8,000 Baby Boomers per day, turning 65 years old and this will continue for the next 18 years. What this means is that in 10 years 8,000 people per day will be turning 75 years of age and in the next 10 years 8,000 per day turning 85.
     These numbers tell us that there will be a
dramatic and exponential increase in long term care, and unfortunately this will also lead to a dramatic and exponential increase in the number of Abuse and neglect cases as well. 

      Even more alarming is that it is suspected that only 1 out of 22 incidents of abuse and neglect are ever
actually reported!

     Secucare Agents specialize in recognizing the warning signs of abuse and neglect and act to prevent this abuse or neglect from ever happening to you or your loved ones. Click on (Who Needs Secucare) to learn more about what Secucare services has to offer!


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